Structural Analysis 1

This course includes a review of statics and more complicated topics surrounding indeterminate structures. The topics covered per lecture are:

1) Statics review,  2) Shear and bending moment diagrams, 3) Influence lines, 4) Deflections (double integration), 5) Deflections (moment area theorem), 6) Deflections (virtual work), 7) Stiffness method (axial), 8) Stiffness method (beams), 9) Flexibility method, and 10) Stiffness method (frame example)

Structural Dynamics

This series discusses introductory topics in structural dynamics. The topics covered are:

1) Introduction and Newton's laws, 2) SDOF: Free vibration - undamped and damped, 3) SDOF: Harmonic and ramp excitations, 4) SDOF: response to arbitrary excitation, 5) SDOF: Frequency domain and state-space formulations, 6) MDOF: Newton's laws and Lagrange equation, 7) MDOF: response using modal superposition, 8) MDOF: response using state-space formulation, 9) Assumed-modes methods, and 10) Non-proportional damping and complex mode shapes.